Constable PC 55H Jonas Mizen

Constable PC 55H Jonas Mizen

Constable PC 55H Jonas Mizen from Division H was one of the first to arrive on the scene after the murder of Mary Ann Nichols in the early hours of 31st August 1888. Jonas Mizen arrived on the scene to find PC John Neil with the body of Mary Ann Nichols. Jonas was on "knocking up" duty when he was met by Charles Cross and Robert Paul. Charles Cross had reportedly said to Mizen that "you are wanted in Baker's Row" and, after an explanation, made his way to Buck's Row.

Some reports would have us believe Jonas Mizen continued "knocking up" before reporting to Buck's Row. However, The Times (4th September 1888), reported that Jonas Mizen had assured the inquest that he hadn't continued "knocking up" and had reported straight to Buck's Row.

The 1871 Census shows Jonas Mizen was born in Radwinter, Essex, in 1848. Jonas Mizen was originally a gardener based in Mitcham, Surrey.

Jonas Mizen joined the Metropolitan Police in 1873. His warrant number was 56678. Jonas served in H-division (Whitechapel) throughout his career.


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