Prince Albert Victor

Prince Albert Victor

Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward, or "Eddy", lived from 8 January 1864 - 14 January 1892. He was born in Frogmore, Windsor, Berkshire, and was an heir to the throne of Britain. He would have become king had he outlived his father and grandmother. His father was the Prince of Wales and later became King Edward VII. Prince Albert Victor's status as a Jack the Ripper suspect is one of the most dubious, yet rumours still swirl about his involvement in the murders.

Some historians believe that Eddy might have suffered from a minor learning disability, which would explain his failure to thrive academically. However, others believe that he might have inherited his mother's poor hearing. His status as a suspect in the Jack the Ripper murders is entirely based on speculation that he had acquired syphilis while travelling and became insane, compelling him to commit the murders.

There is no actual evidence that Eddy suffered from a learning disability, or contracted syphilis. Statements about him in letters describe him as a "straight" individual, and there is no evidence anywhere of any sort of sexually deviant activities. He was never married, but was engaged at the time of his death. His death is attributed to the flu, though some say that it was from the syphilis infection - of which there is no proof.

Fortunately, the Royal Family has excellent records of its members and has provided proof that Prince Albert Victor was travelling outside of London during the murders. This vindicates him completely, yet there is no doubt that his name will continue to circulate among groups of serious Jack the Ripper enthusiast for many years to come.


  1. Tom Brock

    l do not believe the information about the Prince posted above,while l do not wish to be disrespectful to the royal family,l believe there is a lot more to Prince Albert Victor than is being posted,l have spent a long time researching the whitechapel murders and it would appear that for convenience sake wording and circumstance has been manipulated to suit a particular individual,my research will continue,l will say however,not all information from the 1880s is false there are shreds of truth peppered amongst the "hearsay"

  2. Randy Rynkowski

    Royden Sharp....vanished...was also a local butcher at one time!

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