Inspector Joseph Chandler

Inspector Joseph Chandler

Joseph Chandler was born in 1850 and died in 1923. Joseph was born in Northill, Bedfordshire. Joseph married Martha Harris in 1874 and they went on to have five children - four boys and 1 girl.

Inspector Joseph Chandler joined the Metropolitan Police in 1873. He retired from the force in 1898. His Warrant number was: 56638

Inspector Joseph Chandler was at the scene of Annie Chapman's murder in the early hours of Saturday, September 8th, 1888.

Inspector Chandler had immediately sent for divisional surgeon Dr. George Phillips.

Chandler was first alerted to the murder by quizzing a group of men running near the scene. He went straight to 29 Hanbury Street. He covered the body of Annie Chapman and cleared the immediate scene until Dr. George Phillips arrived.


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