Keith Bennett's family demand to see Ian Brady's 'secret' papers

The family of Keith Bennet are appealing to be shown Ian Brady's files which are currently held by Brady's lawyers.

At Ian Brady's inquest the murderer requested that two locked briefcases be handed to his solicitor Robin Makin. It is believed that there could be vitals clues inside the briefcases which could reveal where Keith Bennett's body is buried.

Keith Bennett's body is the only one which hasn't been located.

Lawyer, John Ainley, said he will be writing to Mr Makin to urge him to allow Keith's family and the police to see the documents. it is believed the documents have never been seen by investigators.

Moor's murderer Ian Brady's body was kept under police guard until it was released to Mr Makin. It is widely understood that no local undertakers would be prepared to handle a funeral.

The plans for Ian Brady's body remain unknown.

It is understood that shortly before he died Brady had been on hunger strike - even removing a feeding tube inserted by medical staff.

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