Sir William Gull

Sir William Gull

Sir William Gull, who lived from 31st December 1816 - 29th January 1890, is an unlikely suspect for the Jack the Ripper killings, but his name has been suggested nonetheless. Sir William was a prominent 19th century physician, had links to the Royal Family and died within a year and a half of the last murders, all of which contribute to a complicated theory that he was Jack the Ripper. He is remembered because of his important contributions to medical science, and there are many historical records from which we can draw information.

Descending from humble origins, William overcame obstacles such as the death of his father when he was 10. He was mentored by the local rector, and the rector's uncle was impressed by William and offered to assist him in beginning a career in medicine. He had a brilliant academic career, earning high honours. Eventually, William had the opportunity to save the Prince of Wales' life from typhoid fever and was subsequently knighted and named a Baronet.

Despite these fantastic accomplishments, a very dramatic conspiracy theory includes the name of Sir William as a participant in the Whitechapel murders. The theory, which has little to no evidence to back it up, implies that there was an illegitimate Catholic heir to the throne, of which the victims of the murders were said to have knowledge. The motive of the murders, supposedly committed with an accomplice, is supposed to have been to cover up this potential scandal.

Fortunately for his legacy, Sir William is likely to be remembered for his contributions to medicine, such as his research into anorexia nervosa and spinal cord injuries. Of course, his medical knowledge does make him a likely suspect.


  1. William Jones

    There is a certain Sickert painting besides "Ennui" which tells us Gull was The Ripper and Sickert was involved. Contact me if you wish to know more.

  2. Julia

    After all I had read about this case, William Gull looks more and more to be jack the ripper. What i don't understand is they say that Jack is an uneducated person but yet he knew the body parts. A royal insignia on the carriage was seen around white chapel on the nights of the murders. Yrs ago on the 100th anniversary there was a show with a panel consisting of historians, the queens council and Scotland yard. They all mentioned about the fact that one of the prostitutes was actually a nanny to Eddy's child. (Queen Victoria's grandson had married a commoner and she was also a catholic) and the fact that these 5 women were blackmailing the royal family for this knowledge. Well this makes sense as to William Gull being ordered to do something about this situation. From what i had read the daughter of Eddy was taken away to a work house for children and the mother was taken to a hospital where she was lobotomized and stayed there for the rest of her life. It just baffles me how so many claim it was some poor uneducated person that was jack the ripper.

  3. Philip Johnson

    Was it an ancient freemasonic ritual to disembowel blackmailers? And was Sir William Gull a freemason? And did he suffer from dementia?

  4. Emily

    I believe Sir William Gull to be the Ripper. I have seen a programme that researched documents from the Home Office. There is no way it was a twenty-three year old Polish man.

  5. Derek

    I'm sure Gull was the ripper he was a narcissist even his own wife believed he was the ripper he used to come home with blood all over him but couldn't remember how the blood got there he was studying madness at the time of the murders he used the prostitutes as a human experiment to why he was going mad he also suffered with what we call today dementia hence his mood swings and forgetfulness once the government found out who the murderer was they done a fake funeral and locked him away in Islington asylum his death certificate what signed by his son-in-law which isn't illegal just very suspicious it's one big royal cover up also gull was a Freemason and so was most of parliament as they say they look after their own

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