Francis Thompson

Francis Thompson

Poet Francis Thompson is Jack the Ripper. Thompson was born in December 1859 and died in November 1907. Richard Patterson has spent 20 years investigating Jack The Ripper. Richard, an Australian teacher, has come to the conclusion Francis Thompson is Jack the Ripper.

Thompson's work wasn't published until five years after the 1888 murders took place. Patterson is convinced the poet took to murder after a relationship with a prostitute ended. Thompson had surgery experience and was said to keep a dissecting knife in his possession. Thompson was also believed to have been taught a rare surgical procedure that appears to mimic the mutilations found in more than one victim. Patterson said "Soon before and soon after the murders, he wrote about killing female prostitutes with knives."

After college Thompson moved to London and is alleged to have become addicted to Opium. His first book Poems was published in 1893.

Thompson is said to have resided in Spitalfields at the time of the Whitechapel murders. Thompson lived at No. 50 Crispin Street, in the Providence Row night refuge. It has been claimed victim Mary Jane Kelly and Thompson stayed at the same address.

Patterson's research will be published in his book, "Francis Thompson - A Ripper Suspect".

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  1. brian

    Incredibly silly and indeed ignorant. FT NEVER lived anywhere near the east end, only in the west of london and west end. I have every biography of FT and not one of them mentions spitalfields. You mention a homeless hostel: do you not know they are extremely temporary, one night at most? That does not constitute 'living there'. 'It has been claimed' (quote) a victim was there too: are you for real? In a city? The prostitute saved his life and he tried to find her after she left believing her reputation would hinder his new success. He ran away from home because he physically couldn't tolerate the sight of blood when trying to study as a doctor. No sighting, not one, at the time describes anyone looking like him, either physically, age, or clothes. Not in the inquests or press. Calumny based only on sensationalist ignorance.

  2. Julie

    To Brian
    You are very narrow minded.

  3. Julie

    To Brian
    You are very narrow minded. Maybe you should do more research.

  4. chris

    the beef in the commennts is crazy

  5. sigma


  6. Not jack the ripper

    Yep this is definitely him dont investigate anyone else.

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