Michael and Anne Barrett - where are they now?

Michael and Anne Barrett

After the infamous Diary of Jack the Ripper was published in 1993, Michael and Anne Barrett found themselves the centre of a whirlwind of media attention. More than twenty years later, experts still debate about the authenticity of the diary and how the couple found the ageing manuscript. A third person, Tony Devereux, a journalist and friend of the couple, had intimate knowledge of the diary's origins. Unfortunately, he died of a heart attack shortly after news of the diary's existence was released to the public.

Inquiring minds might be interested in knowing the fate of this couple - the secretary and scrap metal dealer from Liverpool. Anne and Michael's marriage was unable to withstand the pressure of public spotlight; they divorced within a few years of the publication of the diary. Anne took her maiden name of Anne Graham. Little is known about Michael's activities after the divorce, perhaps due to his physical disabilities. The couple had one daughter, named Caroline.

Anne Graham published her own book, The Last Victim, in 1999, along with Carol Emmas. The book is an in-depth look at the life of Florence Maybrick and her marriage to the man that some believe to be Jack the Ripper. As an interesting aside, Anne also discovered information that led her to believe that she was related to Florence Maybrick, and she attended at least one Maybrick "family reunion", a meeting of descendants of James and Florence Maybrick.

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